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Encounter Number: 83200919826

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Identified as: P-219

Matched by: Unknown

Alternate ID:

 Occurrence ID: None assigned.


2009-03-07 10:30
Verbatim Event Date: None


Description: Pilar, Sorsogon (adjacent municipality to Donsol)
Location ID: 6a1
Water depth: 0.6 meters

No GPS data is available for mapping.

Contact Information

Elson Q. Aca


Observation Attributes

Status: alive

Sex: unknown

Noticeable scarring:  None

Behavior:  None

Additional comments:
We got a call that a WS was caught and tied up near the shore of a beach resort. We responded expecting a huge WS but was suprised to see this very young (could be a neonate) WS. After getting some measurement and documented the sighting, we immediately release the shark farther away from the fishermen. Hope this one would able to survive and grow to maturity.


Workflow state: approved

Managing researcher: 
WWF Philippines

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Acoustic Tag

Serial number:

Satellite Tag

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Dynamic Properties



Image 1
photo Pilar, Sorsogon (adjacent municipality to Donsol)

Image 2
photo Pilar, Sorsogon (adjacent municipality to Donsol)

Image 3
photo Pilar, Sorsogon (adjacent municipality to Donsol)

Image 4
photo Pilar, Sorsogon (adjacent municipality to Donsol)


No adoptions defined.

Spot Matching Algorithms (Modified Groth and I3S)

Extracted Spots

18 left-side spots added.

Pattern Matching Results

Groth: Left-side scan results
I3S: Left-side scan results

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