Encounter of T-282

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Description: koh
Location ID: Thailand
Water depth: Unknown

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Identified as: T-282

Matched by: Pattern match


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Event ID: youtube:twh_Su7k7wU

 Occurrence ID: 4e4f6f42-7752-4c64-8ee1-fcb92c6d6089

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Number: 089aeb5f-a772-4cc4-8ea1-a79d939f4061

Date created:2017-08-18 05:08:32
Date last edited:  2017-08-21

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Wildbook A.I.

Affiliation: Wild Me

"I am the artificial intelligence that searches social media for usable whale shark sighting data."

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Taxonomy Rhincodon typus 

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Sex: unknown

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Auto-sourced from YouTube Parent Video: twh_Su7k7wU

From YouTube video: Whale Shark

Whale sharks are the largest fish on the planet. These gentle giants are filter-feeders and are harmless to humans. Other whale shark facts include reaching lengths of over 40 feet while feeding on only the tiniest of ocean organisms – plankton! Whale sharks are striking in their appearance not only for their size but also for their unique pattern of spots and bars covering its grey body. The whale shark is popular with eco-tourists hoping to snorkel alongside these gentle giants. Whale sharks are the largest living fish on the planet. They belong to the group called Chondryichtyes, which includes sharks, rays, and skates. These fish have skeletons made entirely of cartilage in comparison to other fishes that have skeletons made of bone. Little else is known about the life history of this elusive giant. Filmed and Edited by Istvan Zoboki​ Crystal Images Koh Tao​ Formed using a collaboration of creatives from various diving and videography. Crystal Images have made it their mission to provide the best training in underwater cinematography and stills on Koh Tao. If you are interested to learn how to create amazing underwater videos don't hesitate to contact us anytime! Check out our other social media accounts and follow us for more beautiful underwater videos and photos! Instagram: @crystalimageskohtao Twitter: @CrystalimagesKT Facebook: Crystal Images Koh Tao

tags: ["padi","natgeo","bbc","google","asia","kohtao","island","islandlife","underwater","diving","scubadiving","video","videography","shark","whale","whaleshark","amazing","beautiful","creature"]

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frameSplitNumber: 2

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