I3S Scan Results

The following encounter(s) received the best match values using the I3S algorithm against a right-side scan of encounter 1fae545f-2583-412b-b83d-9eb5f284487e.

 Saved scan data may be old and invalid. Check the date below and run a fresh scan for the latest results.

Date of scan: Thu Apr 30 09:18:17 UTC 2020

See the table below for score breakdowns.

Shark Encounter Match Score
50f19f56-6103-43e4-be90-8708db3cbc64 0.5389
A-328 4102012221210 0.5419
ID-051 d17caf60-d66b-4575-afc3-747be75dfcf5 0.5629
A-745 6379d2de-e817-485a-9361-c8e08e07f75a 0.8186
99c02369-c930-4d37-a35f-dac951efd7f3 0.9892
ce20a7da-2fec-4fcf-8aea-a513267058cf 1.2589
P-1339 e55154bc-ce68-4230-86d1-6bbaffea2ab0 1.4231
S-127 308201165710 1.4862
99200804325 1.6451
MXA-021 2812201222344 1.7661
94206a95-1150-43e7-b5cb-18d61dc64463 1.9742