I3S Scan Results

The following encounter(s) received the best match values using the I3S algorithm against a right-side scan of encounter 8746d7ea-ffff-40ca-b45f-f7742ee9fb29.

 Saved scan data may be old and invalid. Check the date below and run a fresh scan for the latest results.

Date of scan: Sun May 24 01:08:00 UTC 2020

See the table below for score breakdowns.

Shark Encounter Match Score
MXA-406 1e193836-fbca-4cf4-90f1-53a7e0f865be 0.5505
TZ-086 15201385627 0.6082
bb45e25f-ea11-40a3-be88-25d306a6eeac 0.9148
A-482 146201012135 1.2317
P-1500 4c11af0c-85fb-48fd-8c70-3fb95ddd5438 1.2420
SHA-202 96e8914e-0a8e-4cf9-8e01-fc14d4f321c6 1.2860
SHA-225 1a14478f-12bf-4a0f-b9ab-71c7aef758ea 1.8501
MZ-495 71201144736 1.9130
04d3a470-baeb-4590-969a-5eba17676478 1.9314