Modified Groth Scan Results

The following encounter(s) received the highest match values against a right-side scan of encounter 1610200423290.

 Saved scan data may be old and invalid. Check the date below and run a fresh scan for the latest results.

Date of scan: Mon Oct 18 16:56:40 EDT 2004

See the table below for score breakdowns.

Individual ID Encounter Fraction Matched Triangles Match Score logM std. dev. Confidence Matched Keywords
A-006 Link     0.14811  
Unassigned Link     0.30913  
A-079 Link     0.21597  
A-054 Link     0.26472  
A-004 Link     0.2395  
A-012 Link     0.38001  
A-076 Link     0.29255  
S-008 Link     0.31754  
A-076 Link     0.14732  
A-044 Link     0.43521  
A-048 Link     0.4222  
A-073 Link     0.34135  
A-020 Link     0.31754  
MX-002 Link     0.31634  
A-101 Link     0.36941  
TW-001 Link     0.23103  
Unassigned Link     0.31987  
A-026 Link     0.24484  
A-086 Link     0.25724  
A-093 Link     0.27308  
Unassigned Link     0.03708  
Unassigned Link     0.34871  
M-001 Link     0.30056  
X-007 Link     0.23883  
Unassigned Link     0.01244  
Unassigned Link     0.31829  
A-084 Link     0.36951  
A-108 Link     0.34987  

Standard Scan

For this scan, the following variables were used: