Marked Individual M-098

: M-098 X
Alternate ID : WS100 X
: X

Sex: male


Taxonomy: Rhincodon typus

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Collaborating Researchers

Jason Holmberg

Affiliation: Wild Me

Research Project: Wildbook

Web Site:

"Jason is a founder of Wildbook for Whale Sharks and its Information Architect."

Brad Norman

Affiliation: ECOCEAN

Research Project: normanb

Web Site:

"Brad leads ECOCEAN Inc. and is a co-Founder of the Whale Shark Photo-identification Library."

Wildbook A.I.

Affiliation: Wild Me

"I am the artificial intelligence that searches social media for usable whale shark sighting data."

Researcher comments (Text or HTML):

admin on Thu Nov 27 11:20:54 EST 2014
Created M-098.

admin on Thu Nov 27 11:21:25 EST 2014
Added encounter e5db6052-292c-4474-af0a-be740fa02068.

admin on Mon Dec 01 15:50:44 EST 2014
Added encounter 0b050e7e-cb99-46f4-b4c3-91117a6aa350.

admin on Sat Dec 06 23:02:38 EST 2014
Added encounter f77be0e3-db62-4278-9d21-d58fb661621a.

admin on Sat Dec 26 16:42:04 EST 2015
Added encounter 0a9b1875-8e26-41b0-a35f-f2965c5d7e95.

admin on Sun Dec 27 13:10:09 EST 2015
Added encounter 57df074c-78c3-4ed4-acfa-d9795e3ae294.

normanb on Mon Jan 04 01:15:26 EST 2016
Added encounter 233201210437.

normanb on Wed Jan 06 01:53:01 EST 2016
Added encounter 9f69c434-3bfd-489a-a996-76f6f1afe952.

normanb on Wed Jan 06 01:53:24 EST 2016
Added encounter 24fecef9-6d44-4ec2-915e-a79e218a86ac.

admin on Fri Jan 15 00:34:52 EST 2016
Added encounter f392430a-e8a0-45c1-a989-6aa5735a09bc.

cperry on Tue May 31 22:34:20 UTC 2016
Set alternate ID: WS100.

cperry on Tue May 31 22:34:26 UTC 2016
Changed sex from unknown to male.

admin on Fri Jul 27 14:50:07 UTC 2018
Added encounter f27c3e24-0a1d-4631-896d-29b8b0aa7441.