: MZ-142 X
Nickname : Nissi X
: X

Sex: female


Taxonomy: n/a

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Sample ID Encounter Attributes Analyses
MZ-142 301120117279 Institution ID: MMF
Sampling protocol: Hawaiian Sling
Preservation method: Ethanol/Freezing
Tissue type: Tissue sample

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Meet the Adopters

Jua-Mari Strehler
"There are many things on this planet that seem larger than life, and they remind us to know our place on this earth and have respect for creation. Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the ocean, and they happen to be my favorite animal, and I think there are many reasons to protect them, including that whole tourism industries are based on their presence and they are beautiful and majestic. "


Collaborating Researchers

Jason Holmberg

Affiliation: Wild Me

Research Project: Wildbook

Web Site:

"Jason is a founder of Wildbook for Whale Sharks and its Information Architect."

All Out Africa Volunteers

Simon Pierce

Affiliation: Marine Megafauna Foundation, Wild Me

Web Site:

"Simon is a Director of Wild Me and the lead Scientific Advisor for the Whale Shark Photo-identification Library."

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