Marked Individual TZ-175

: TZ-175 X
: X

Sex: female


Taxonomy: n/a

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Collaborating Researchers

Alexandra Watts

Affiliation: MMF

Chris Rohner

Affiliation: Marine Megafauna Foundation

Web Site:

Jesse Cochran

Affiliation: KAUST

Alina Riensema

Research Project: alinar

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crohner on Fri Jan 05 08:35:34 UTC 2018
Created TZ-175.

crohner on Fri Jan 05 08:36:25 UTC 2018
Added encounter 2c740095-0c67-4974-afb0-80d2c87531fc.

crohner on Mon Jan 08 22:28:49 UTC 2018
Added encounter 4563f524-78ae-414b-a54f-e9b6edeb5356.

crohner on Mon Jan 08 22:29:11 UTC 2018
Added encounter dbef2eec-7e1e-4731-9212-4725561db118.

crohner on Fri Jan 12 06:51:37 UTC 2018
Added encounter d6115dd0-49b5-429e-a62e-10ac22e3cf38.

jcochrane on Sat Oct 13 22:41:54 UTC 2018
Added encounter 660e8294-7336-4bdd-8ee0-2fd7176922a5.

crohner on Sat Nov 16 17:00:55 UTC 2019
Added encounter e854255b-fe5b-4fb4-b268-1a61d594d588.

crohner on Sat Nov 16 17:01:45 UTC 2019
Added encounter befb8765-e75d-4fb5-b59e-595e5208baec.

crohner on Sun Nov 17 09:09:25 UTC 2019
Added encounter 02efab62-b2a5-4734-9808-fba4c3600047.

crohner on Sun Nov 17 09:49:39 UTC 2019
Added encounter 88f3608f-5730-446a-baff-2baeba6323ea.

crohner on Sat Nov 23 15:04:51 UTC 2019
Added encounter 67d0b88c-2c5a-49de-be6c-42041a93b134.

crohner on Wed Nov 27 11:07:54 UTC 2019
Added encounter 6ed85b12-d6d6-4251-a7a8-b62101b8634b.

crohner on Sat Nov 30 15:47:54 UTC 2019
Added encounter 028d489b-66f7-44d4-8d46-0b421e7ed192.

crohner on Sun Dec 01 17:27:06 UTC 2019
Added encounter b0225b97-fde4-441b-8b2f-e5b5c4ab994a.

crohner on Fri Dec 13 11:22:38 UTC 2019
Added encounter 1bba7ce6-fea6-4109-b718-f034c7f92a81.

crohner on Wed Feb 12 05:25:05 UTC 2020
Added encounter 810b0184-f213-42dc-8b1c-fe5192ff54cc.

alinar on Thu Feb 13 22:04:50 UTC 2020
Added encounter 6b38ee93-0099-4be0-a726-60d3a075dfa3.

alinar on Fri Feb 21 22:57:50 UTC 2020
Added encounter da768af5-cce0-4a89-97d3-a6c21bfb7ff5.

crohner on Wed Feb 26 00:05:14 UTC 2020
Added encounter ccff9488-439c-4538-accb-2d4fa9df13d5.

alinar on Fri Feb 28 01:25:10 UTC 2020
Added encounter fb3131ad-c9fb-4d20-968f-a9bafa15f16c.

alinar on Tue Mar 10 02:31:37 UTC 2020
Added encounter 6fa46802-1dbe-481a-a220-f2c879f0c863.

alinar on Fri Mar 13 02:17:41 UTC 2020
Added encounter 88fd78c0-dc03-4e8d-8cc8-45f58f43104d.